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Hi! I'm Walter Robert Portnell, Bob to most. Welcome to the dullest webpage I've ever made. At least it loads fast, eh?


Here's where I am on the more social parts of the web. I'm not actually there much.

Service Link Comment
MeWe See Me This is basically the only social media site I post to any more.
FitBit See Me Yup, still trying to make my health better. Shall we suffer together?
Google See Me I only keep this account because I've tied it to so many other activities on the net. But you can use my nvdaydreamer mail to reach me, probably.
Facebook See Me I only keep this account to be able to view content that somehow only ends up on FB. I don't post.

Current Roleplay Game Stuff

These are the RPG things that occupy my mind the most right now.


Here's where I try to put all my loud-mouthed opinions about roleplay games to the test.

Title Link Comment
Essentials Edition 2.9 MB ZIP of PDFs Roleplaying basic rules, with updates to latest popular Fudge practices and revised fight scene rules.
Final Frontier (Essentials) Link soon... Yet another homebrew for classic Star Trek roleplaying.
Ultimate Edition 6.3 MB ZIP of PDFs Roleplaying basic rules plus classic Star Trek setting rules and way too many printable doo-dads.

The Fantasy Trip

The first RPG I loved, and I'm over the moon to see it back in print and well-supported. Most of my roleplay these days is the solo sort using this game.

Title Link Comment
TFT: Bob's Option Helper 0.0 MB PDF. A quick reference making it easier to see the relationships between options and movement in TFT Legacy Edition. Designed to be folded into a two-sided half-page card. (Don't tell anyone, but what I like to do is pick the movement on the initiative step, and then pick a valid action. Sssh!)
TFT: Bob's DX Modifier Helper 0.0 MB PDF. A quick reference for common combat DX modifiers. Two identical half-sheets on the page.
TFT: Thoughts on Personality Web Article Two alternatives to the Personality rules in The Fantasy Trip.
TFT: Superhero 0.5 MB PDF. House rules and design notes for how we played superheroes in the '80s using TFT Classic. Contrary to the article contents, I probably won't revise this for TFT Legacy Edition ... but y'all can figure things out if you want. I've been pretty transparent.

Classic Roleplay Game Stuff

Here are the more popular things I've made in the roleplaying world. I add new things now and then, or revive old things on request.

Risus: The Anything RPG

I love Risus so much, I stole ideas from it for EZFudge. And I'm (twice) a member of the International Order of Risus, so I can completely testify to its utter grooviness.

Title Link Comment
Stuff! Risusiverse I've written a few rules tweaks and designed some variant character sheets. They're in the Risusiverse somewhere, along with many other, much cooler, things.


I spent many, many years immersed in GURPS, even managed to get published a time or two. I wouldn't have the time for it these days, but that doesn't make it bad.

Title Link Comment
Final Frontier 0.4 MB PDF Roleplaying rules for the Star Trek universe, rather minimalist by GURPS standards. Requires GURPS Lite (3e)
GURPS Lite (3e) 0.4 MB PDF "This is the boiled-down 'essence' of GURPS: all the fundamental rules, but not the options and embellishments that often confuse new players."

The Black Hack

A wild and fun take on THE classic game, light, quirky, and flavorful.

Title Link Comment
The T22 Hack 0.2 MB PDF A rules hack for The Black Hack to make rolling higher always better. Supports any version of TBH including the spanking new Second Edition.


Steffan O'Sullivan's roleplay game to be played outdoors.
Here's my house rule to make Sherpa higher-is-better: For unopposed tasks, add the trait to the random number (and modifiers). The total must meet or beat 11.

Title Link Comment
Play Aids 0.1 MB PDF Character, Reference, and GM scene cards

Board Game Stuff


The classic space war game by Marc Miller, now ably published by Steve Jackson Games.

Title Link Comment
Basics of Space Flight Web Article Useful tips (I hope) for the novice interplanetary traveler.

Stargazing Stuff

NAVSTARS is a self-contained HTML/CSS/JS web app. Unzip the file, but don't open it with the browser yet! First, use a text editor to edit the location and time fields in the source code where indicated. Save, and then view it in the browser, and NAVSTARS will tell you where on the sky to look for any of the standard navigation stars plus Polaris.

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